Unable to Access PhpMyAdmin Access Denied Invalid Configuration

Unable to Access PhpMyAdmin Access Denied (Invalid Configuration)

Hello friends how are you? how you are doing okay so in this article we will be going over an error. That mostly occurs when you change the database root users password in PhpMyAdmin. Unable to Access PhpMyAdmin Access Denied Invalid Configuration.

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What are we discussing?

We are taking a look at the error that mostly occurs when the user changes the database root user account password using PhpMyAdmin. The error looks something like this:

This issue occurs because the PhpMyAdmin config file is set to use root user to automatically login to the database but when we change the password that setting is not updated in the config file so we need to manually edit the config file and provide the changed password. The config file can be found here


As you can see above there is no password provided in the config we just need to put the password that we set in the phpmyadmin for the root user.

Now this will solve the problem. But if you don’t want to enable auto-login and want the user to provide username and password, to login to database server then you need to make these settings.

Simply change the auth_type from config to cookie now users need to provide their login details to log in to the database server.

Here is the video explaining all the things in detail.

I hope that it was helpful for you and you have learned something from this. If you have any question be do let us know in the comments and if you want to see something that you like also tell us that too we will try to cover as much as possible.

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