How To Setup Security Testing Lab (Full Virtual Envournment)

What is Kali Linux ?

Hello friends so today in this tutorial i will be teaching you how you  can setup a virtual penetration testing lab. In this article i will cover how you can set it up and get started. This is important for our course of Introduction to Kali Linux v2.

The lab will consist of 3 virtual machines :-

  • Windows 7
  • Kali Linux v2
  • Metasploitable

you can download these from this links :-


Install all these on the virtual lab i am using VMware Workstation but you can also use Virtual Box.

After Installing all of these Operating systems on your virtual environment go to there setting and Network And Adopter setting and chose Bridged Network.

Network Settings

This is recommend for all the virtual machines used in the Lab.

After that second step is to provide them a static ip so for Linux Machines do this Open the terminal and follow :-

cd /etc/network
nano interfaces

In this file change the eth0 section.

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

The ip address in the address you have to change it for each machine eg :-

Kali Linux 2 :

Metasploitable 2 :

Windows 7 :

If you don’t you how to setup static ip for windows 7 then follow this article.



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