Privacy Policy

Trust is the first priority of All the services that we provide to all visitors and subscribers must be assures visitors that all their data and personal information will be kept totally confidential. Privacy policy is provided to let users know about the data that they share with us while visiting our site.

Privacy policy is the significant part of user agreement. When you use or visit the site you agree to all the terms & conditions of the user agreement & privacy policy. has made some privacy rules keeping in view user’s privacy concerns so while visiting our site you agree to our privacy rules as well.

Whenever a visitor visits we only gather some basic information like your IP address, feedback about our site and number of pages you have visited and forms submitted by you are only collected. This information cannot pinpoint a particular visitor. This information is only used to update the site and to make it best and valuable for visitors and to provide them customized data. Moreover, we keep all the collected information totally confidential and we do not reveal or sell it to any third party.

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