Installing Mutillidae on Windows 7


So Now we will be installing the new version of Mutillidae on Windoes 7. To do that we will be installing “XAMPP” as the webserver / database server. So do install Mutillidae on Windows 7, download the following instruction PDF :-

Here is the Basic walk through here :-

Xampp Install :-

Xampp is an Apache distribution that also includes MySQL, PHP and Perl all in one install. XAMPP allows us to run Mutillidae on windows 7.

  • Download and install XAMPP and install.
  • After installed open XAMPP control panel and start Apache and MySQL
  • Next Download Mutillidae
  • Extract the zip file to ” C:\xampp\htdocs ” directory.
  • Now open your browser and go to
  • You may need to reset the database by clicking “Reser DB” link if there is a database error.
  • Now restart your Windows 7 VM. Note you will need to openXAMPP Control panel and start Apache and MySQL services every time you restart your VM.

Security And Hints Level :-

One last thing, Mutillidae come with different levels of security that you can use. We will be mostly using security level 0 in this series and if you want us to get in to other security levels do let us you so we can create videos and articles for them too.

Hints are also available; these can be very handy especially when you are learning new techniques.

Resources :-



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