Importance Of Web Security -WordPress Security

Importance Of Web Security -WordPress Security

Hello friends here is the new post in the series of WordPress Security and in this post i will be talking about the Importance of Web Security and why we need to be looking into it.

As we all know that now a days all the business have been made online and every thing is connected to each other so if your business website have a single Security vulnerability then that issue can be exploited by any malicious attacker and that can hugely impact the clients details so now a days it is a very hot issue.

Now if we talk about WordPress Security then i like to make it clear that why only WordPress why now any other ? That is because  WordPress in the leader in the modern website Content Management System (CMS) like bloggers, News site, and many online shopping site are hosted over WordPress over 60% of the site on the internet are Powered by WordPress .


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