How to Use Dnsenum Information Gathering Tool

How to Use Dnsenum Information Gathering Tool

Hello friends today i am going to talk about a popular tool for information gathering called Dnsenum. It is a penetrating tool created to gather information related to DNS entries about the domains.

The goal of this tool is to gather as much information as it can about the DNS records related to that domain.

Somethings it do are here.

  • Host address
  • Name Server
  • MX Record
  • Sub Domains
  • Whois
  • Reverse Lookup

How To Use :-

  • Simple Scan
    • $ dnsenum
  • Powerful Scan
    • $ dnsenum –enum
  • More Options
    • $ dnsenum –enum -f -r
  •  For Subdomains 
    • $ dnsenum -s 5 -p 5

Tool Github Page :


I hope you guys like it and so comment below if you want to ask any questions or request any tutorial on a particular topic.


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