How to tap into someone’s WhatsApp chats

How to tap into someone's Whatsapp Chats

Everyone uses WhatsApp app and is now everyone’s favorite instant messaging app. But at the same time, WhatsApp comes with few drawbacks which have negative impacts. Monitoring social media apps and platforms has become unavoidable at present time where there is cut-throat competition in every industry, cybercrime on the rise and tons of privacy concerns.

Your kids might be friends with the wrong crowd or putting up personal information on the internet which is not safe. Anyone can misuse your personal information and pictures. Employers want to monitor the employees to make sure they are not conspiring against the company or leaking confidential information to the rivals. Or in a more personal scenario, if you catch the scent of a betrayal, then using a WhatsApp spying app could give you some proof so that you can confront your cheating partner.

Therefore, finding an efficient spying app that actually works, is the need of today for people belonging to different walks of life with various trust issues. As WhatsApp is everyone’s favorite means to communicate nowadays, getting a WhatsApp spying app is the easiest way to monitor someone’s activities and the people they are talking to. The app can also reveal details regarding the multimedia shared and received through the app.

Xnspy is not only a WhatsApp spying app but a complete monitoring solution. It is a reliable method to tap into someone’s WhatsApp chats. It not only lets the user read the WhatsApp chats of the target phone user but provides the complete details of their WhatsApp activities.

Getting Started:

First, you need to subscribe to the app and purchase the package that suits your needs and pocket. The app offers the users with a Basic and Premium package. If you wish to spy on an Android phone, then you have to install the app on the target phone which is an easy and quick process. If you want to install this app on an iPhone, then you require the iCloud credentials of the target phone user. With the iCloud credentials, there is no need of physically installing the app.

You will receive instructions regarding the entire procedure via an email. After 24 hours, the app fetches the data from the target phone, to your online Xnspy account. When you log in to your web account, you can view the dashboard that allows you to see the offline and online activities of the target phone. The user can easily see all the WhatsApp messages and other activities of the target phone too such as calls log, text messages, locations, web browsing history, etc. You can remotely access the target phone from anywhere with the help of an internet connection.

All you need is an internet connection and you can monitor the WhatsApp chats from anywhere.


What information can you access with Xnspy?

With the help of this app, you can:

Read WhatsApp Chats: Using Xnspy allows the user to read all the sent and received messages on the app. You can also read the text messages of the target phone. You can add certain words and phrases in the Watchlist and get alerts whenever these words appear in the conversations. The app lets the user access older WhatsApp messages as well.

Monitor WhatsApp Calls: WhatsApp is also a popular choice for video and voice calls. You can see who the target phone user talks to even if they delete the call details. People prefer to use WhatsApp for calls with the thought that these calls are hard to monitor. But Xnspy allows the user to know all about the WhatsApp call logs. The data is transferred to the online account constantly. You can access all the contact details of the other WhatsApp users as well the saved numbers on the target phone.

See WhatsApp Status: Teenagers like trying out new and exciting things and would not want their parents to know about it. If your kids have hidden their WhatsApp status from you, by installing the app, you can also see what they upload on their WhatsApp status. Similarly, if your partner is cheating and has hidden his status from you, you can see those with the help of Xnspy. In case, the target user does not have your number saved then the app gives you the ability to see their live statuses too. It is the ideal solution to get a peek into someone’s WhatsApp.

See Last Seen: Teens and cheating partners try to hide their activities be it online or offline. There is a feature on WhatsApp that lets you hide the Last Seen because of which others cannot know the last time the user came online. There can be some other reason to hide the Last Seen. Nonetheless, if you wish to know the last time they came online on WhatsApp, Xnspy can show you when they were last active on their WhatsApp.

Tracking Multimedia Files: Like other apps, you can share images, gifs, videos and voice notes on WhatsApp. You can also monitor all the multimedia shared and received on WhatsApp with the help of the Xnspy app. This allows you to know what your kids or employees are sharing on WhatsApp. It can get you some proofs too.

Xnspy WhatsApp spying app is a safe and reliable monitoring solution. Moreover, the customer support is available 24/7 to help you with anything that you need to know or understand regarding how the app works.


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