First Bug Bounty Guide (Ebook)


A Canadian Hacker released a book about hacking and how to get paid for reporting security vulnerabilities .

The book that released earlier from this year 2016 by a Hacker called Peter @yaworsk under the name “Web Hacking 101” ,was created with big contribution from HackerOne Team Michiel Prins and Jobert Abma , who wrote a complete chapter from about 20 chapters included in the book.


Peter explains all details in his book , starting from how he joined the hacking world , learned programming , read about security issues , how he first found a security vulnerability , ending by reporting and get paid from websites like Hackerone and shopify .

The book starts with an intro to HTTP and Web , and how internet works , then it explain most types of known vulnerabilities and how to find , exploit and write a good report about your finding , contains great references for further reading , List of many tools most hackers need , usage of this tools , a good style for writing good report .

Vulnerabilities covered in the book :

-Remote Code Execution
-Sub Domain take over
-Application logic

Each vulnerability has a description,How it was discovered, some real examples that were found and reported by real hackers that paid , and takeaway for juniors who look for this vulnerability .

The book has been translated in two languages (Russian and Arabic ) beside the english version , the three versions are all available at .

Arabic Version
English Version
Russian Version

The book price is $9.99 , and there is a free sample for all three versions.

More details about the book and contents here


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