Dracos Linux – A Lightweight and Powerful Penetration OS from Indonesia


What is Dracos?

Dracos is Penetration OS from Indonesian and the system built based on LFS / Linux From Scratch. Dracos is a lightweight linux because for desktop use DWM (Dynamic Window Manager) and suitable for Pentester. Dracos environment almost all using CLI (Command Line Interface), Why? Because to familiarize the user using CLI and easy to used. Curently Dracos has reached version 2.0 Codename Leak and previous version is 1.0 Codename Vairusa. Dracos don’t have package manager, but the next version will be present called Venomizer.

You can see the Development Team on this link.

Find out more.

Download Dracos

How to install Dracos Vairusa or Leak?

Yesterday, Development Team has recently complete Installer made using bash script called DRACER (DracOS Installer), you can check on their Github.



Security Tools

Dracos Linux provides to penetration testing and packed with a ton of security tools including :
  • Information gathering
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Exploitation Testing
  • Wireless, Bluetooth & Radio Attack
  • Social Engineering
  • MITM / Man In The Middle Attack
  • Stress Testing
  • Forensics
  • Malware Analysis
  • Maintaining Access
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Covering Track
  • Etc


How to use Dracos?

For those who run Dracos for first time, all you need is fill the username with root and toor is the default password. Once logged in, then simply run the following :


Connect to WIFI?

You can use WAC ( WIFI Automatic Connection ) on my Github.

simple script for connect internet 😀

Dracos Keyboard Shortcuts

    1. Open Dracos Menu ( Windows + Shift + d )
    2. Screenshot ( prt sc )
    3. Open URxvt terminal ( Windows + Shift + enter )
    4. Close window ( Windows + Shift + c )
    5. Layout mode Float ( Windows + f )
    6. Layout mode Monocle ( Windows + m )
    7. Layout mode Tile ( Windows + t )
    8. Layout mode Grid ( Windows + g )


menu  float tile gird deck col


If you get a problem please report on this link.

Other Preview:


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