Don’t Install WordPress Like This


Hello friends so today’s lesson is about WordPress installation it is a key step for getting the basic WordPress security of the ground. If you didn’t configured the installation properly then it could lead to majour security and loss of your data. So here are some tips for that 🙂 .

For WordPress Auto Installer:-

So students do take in note that the auto script installer provided by default in many web hosting now a days create the most vulnerable WordPress install on your website. And even though it is an easy way of setting up your site out of the box but is not the most recommended way of doing it.

Like it have all the things set as default the login user name and password is “admin” and “password” by default in the auto installer and the database prefix is set to “wp_” which is not the most recommended prefix to you.

What To do ?

So now the most common question in your mind will be so “What to do ?” the answer to this question is that don’t install WordPress from the auto installer that is what I do and if you want to install WordPress from the auto installer then do change the the default setting which are provided in the settings area in that way it will be working fine even if you use auto installer.

The other thing is securing your login portal so after installing WordPress what you need to do is in the plugins search & install “Login Rate Limit” plugin and limit the login tries to 5 this will help in resolving Brute Force attacks.

Thanks see you in the next class.


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