Creating a Secure Password -WordPress Security

Creating a Secure Password -WordPress Security

Hello friends so today’s lesson is about creating a strong and secure password for your accounts and it is the key in protecting your online identity and privacy. so when you create a password you should keep the following things in mind. It will ensure that it is not easy to crack in a Brute Force attack :-

Creating a Solid Password:-

Password Creation Tips :-

  • Don’t use your name, nickname, or relative names, birthdays, mobile numbers etc..
  • Don’t use words that can be found in the dictionary.
  • Use at least one uppercase letter.
  • Use special character, or begin/end with something like *..*#$
  • Intentionally misspell a word(s) that you will remember.
  • use a phase and mold it into a solid password.

Molding a Phrase Into a Solid Password :-

Begin with a Phrase you’ll remember !

So we will take these simple steps as an example and turn it into a solid password.

  • security required
  • securityrequired (Removed spaces)
  • sekurityraquired (Two deliberate misspellings)
  • 5ekur1tyraquir3d (Change some letters with numbers)
  • 5Ekur1tyRaquir3d (Upper case letter in both words)
  • @@5Ekur1tyRaquir3d@@ (Special characters)

Go check your password strength at one of the following sites:

Note that the example password passed all checkers with absolutely outstanding results. Check it for yourself if you’d like!

if you follow all the steps and do some customization in your password then it will take a Super Computer of today  4500 years to crack. That is a lot of time 😀

Thanks and see you in the next class and Keep learning.


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