How to Crack Sublime Text For Life Time


Hello friends how are you ? Yesterday we asked a question on our Facebook page if someone want to learn how to crack the most used text editor by coders ” Sublime Text ” and we got quite a response so finally decided to do the article.

So in this article I will be covering the complete process by which you can easily crack your Sublime Text Version.

SUBLIME TEXT 3 3120 LATEST CRACK FOR WINDOWS X64 WINDOWS X32 WIN64 WIN32 LINUX64 LINUX32 OSX 3083 3088 3090 3091 3092 3094 3095 3099 3100 3101 3102 3103 3104 3105 3106 3107 3109 3110 3111 3112 3113 3114 3118 .

These version can be cracked using this method special thanks to GITHUB : @FDXER
E-mail : [email protected] for this method.

We will use Hex Editor to do the crack and  change the hex offset values to to the provided chart below Source :-

3120Linux x640xc75e9495
3120Linux x860xc46c9495
3120Win x640xfc2c39495
3120*Win x640xfc2c0f8e0
3120Win x860xb9b7c1a2a
3120*Win x860xb9b7c1afe

3114Linux x640xc7009495
3114Linux x860xc4299495
3114Win x640xe62b49495
3114*Win x640xe62b1f8e0
3114Win x860xa22fb1a2a
3114*Win x860xa22fb1afe
  • star * marked rows means another method.

Crack 3114 for Linux x64 (Only Ubuntu default installtion, dd maybe require elevation of privilege. )

printf '\x95' | dd seek=$((0xc700)) conv=notrunc bs=1 of=/path/to/sublime_text
VERSIONMd5 check for Windows x64

If you have no idea about cracking for Windows, recommend to use HexViewer
But first of all, maybe sublime text 3103 or 2.0.2 is needed.

Traditional offset:

3114Linux x640xc6fdff c831 c0
3114Linux x860xc42748 0f 94 c0c6 c0 01 90
3114Win x640xe62b083 f8 013b c0 90
3114Win x860xa22fb1a2a
3114OSX0x5d9d83 f8 0139 c0 90


How to Do the Real Thing :-

Install any of the above mentioned version of Sublime Text and after installation follow these steps :-

  • Go to an online Hex Editor or you can also install any Hex Editor of your liking locally.
  • Click on open file and select this file : C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\sublime_text.exe OR C:\Program Files (x86)\Sublime Text 3\sublime_text.exe
  • On the right hand side there is option of  Go To past you specific offset code there and hit enter.
  • After you are at that point change the value and save it ” CTRL+S ” the compiled version will be automatically downloaded to your computer.
  • Copy the downloaded file and replace it in the installed folder of Sublime Text.
  • Now you have fully cracked version of Sublime Text.

Video covering everything up.


Thanks for reading it out do tell us how it worked out for you guys.



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